White Fang (1973 film)

White Fang

Film poster

Directed by
Lucio Fulci

Written by
Guy Elmes
Roberto Gianviti
Thom Keyes
Piero Regnoli
Guillaume Roux

Franco Nero

Music by
Carlo Rustichelli

Erico Menczer
Pablo Ripoll

Edited by
Ornella Micheli

Distributed by

Release date

December 21, 1973

Running time

105 minutes

Italy, Spain, France


Zanna Bianca (internationally released as White Fang) is a 1973 Italian adventure film directed by Lucio Fulci. It was produced by Canadian Harry Alan Towers and co-written by Roberto Gianviti, based on the famous novel by Jack London. It starred Franco Nero, Fernando Rey and Virna Lisi. The film gained a great commercial success and generated an official and several non-official sequels.[1][2][3]


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Set in the year 1896 in the Yukon Wilderness, the film opens when Charlie (Daniel Martin) a Native American fur trader, discovers his young son Mitsah (Missaele) attempting to befriend a wolf, he scares the beast away, believing it to be too wild and dangerous. Unknown to him, his son persists. Mitsah names the animal White Fang because of the ivory-white teeth the beast sprouts. That night, Charlie changes his mind about the animal when it arrives at his hut barking furiously. Mitsah, while strolling through the woods at night to meet his friend, falls through the thin ice of a frozen lake and the animal, a wolf/dog cross breed, raises the alarm.
Mitsah is saved by his father and canine friend, but falls seriously ill with hypothermia after his plunge into the icy water. Charlie decides to take his son for medical treatment at the nearest settlement. While carrying Mitsah down a mountainside, he meets an old friend named Kurt Johnson (Raimund Harmsdorf) a fellow fur trapper who agrees to help Charlie carry the barely conscious Mitsah. Kurt tells them the nearest town is a place called Dawson City, in which he informs them that it is not safe there. But Charlie tells them that he must get medical attention to his son or he will die. The group, after arriving at a riverside port below the snow line, are introduced to Jason Scott (Franco Nero), a writer traveling to Dawson City in search of a story. Once they arrive in town on a riverboat steamer, they meet with Sister Evangeline (Virna Lisi) a middle-aged nun who has recently arrived in Dawson City to set up a hospital mission. Jason and Kurt soon dis